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Do you notice that your balance isn’t as good as it used to be? What if wearing a particular sock would help you?  What if wearing a particular sock will increase your strength or endurance in sport activities?

Whatever will help with pain or dysfunction in the feet, I’m all for.

I’m still checking them out and at your next appointment, I’ll be happy to test to see if they would help you.

What makes these socks different? They have a pattern on them that affects the energy system in the body. I know it sounds different, but at your next appointment, I can show you. The energy system it affects is the acupuncture system.

For those of us with balance problems, we will take any edge we can get because it might mean the difference in a fall or not!

If you know someone who needs the help (or a gift, think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day), please pass this on. The socks are $30-$40 a pair, but when you compare that to what a fall costs in terms of health, they are inexpensive.

I have big feet (size 10 shoe) and I like the medium sock.  They run large.  Consider ordering a size smaller than usual. I have some in my office if you would like to try them on before ordering. And, I can order them for you if you would like. There are many options in length and color and if you have questions, feel free to call or email me.  Or you can order on this site.

1) Find the socks you prefer

2) Add to cart

3) At check out put in your shipping info and credit card

Caveat: shipping is $10 for up to 15 pairs and federal tax is 5% of order.

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