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Rest With Your Breath!

A word that describes our life these days is BUSY. Rest is in short supply and in can really show up in your health. It might hard to take a whole day off for rest and recuperation, but it is possible to take 10 minutes each day to breathe and allow your self to simply BE.  Breathe deeply and feel the relaxation.  These moments can be caught while you are waiting for your kids or standing in line at the grocery store. Obviously, it would feel better if you were in a chair by the fireplace, but your time waiting is spent anyway, so let’s use it to support better health. And yes, plan that relaxing get-away where you can recharge!!

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It Will Go Away!!

When people hurt, the most common thoughts are, “it will go away.” And sometimes it does go away. That is why it gets confusing. Sometimes it will go away without any intervention at all and sometimes it doesn’t. The body compensates for all the things we do the best it can, but at some point, it can’t compensate anymore and we have pain. That is why maintenance care is so popular. You come in once a month or once every six weeks and get adjusted so the nervous system is capable of compensating once again. You keep changing the line in the sand of how much your body can compensate and that will keep you, outside of trauma, asymptomatic. Schedule your chiropractic appointment.


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Emotions and Pain!

A patient was in my office with terrible back pain. I adjusted her. I worked her muscles. I did reflex points. I used my laser. I really needed to get her out of pain because she had an event to attend. But nothing I did seemed to help. And then I thought, maybe I should check for something emotional. I found, through using NET, there was an emotional element related to her back pain. It cleared, she stood up and the pain was all gone. Sometimes our pain isn’t relieved by what we thought would relieve it.   Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote The Molecules of Emotion, once said that when she started researching emotions, she thought emotions were all in the brain. It wasn’t long into her research she realized, emotions are all over the body!

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There are many reasons for pain!

It is common for us to have pain in our bodies for chemical reasons. It wasn’t long ago that my knees were bothering me. They hurt and in my job, I was standing all day. My thoughts were, “I’m getting older,” and
“I should lose weight,” and “I have had twenty car accidents.” My feelings were based on fear that something was wrong with my knees. Then I came to my senses and thought, “I will test myself.” I found that I had an issue with mercury related to my knees. I took a supplement to pull the mercury, and just as quickly as the knees hurt, the hurting went away. Keep in mind, sometimes it isn’t the joint that is causing the pain, but a chemical irritant.

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We are saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I can already feel fall in the air. The change in season is a reminder to us all that change in our life is a good thing. Each season brings something new and refreshing and although we liked the season we are leaving, there is something very inviting about beginning a new season. That season can be the climate, like spring, summer, fall and winter. Or it can be the sports seasons, football, basketball and baseball. Or it can be our life. Each new season offers new opportunities and possibilities. When we move houses, we get to clean out the old and bring in the new. Getting rid of our old clutter is so refreshing! New energy is created and old energy is released. We have a new beginning. Because we are creatures of habits, we can create new habits in a new environment. All in all, change is good. The most important quality that is needed with change is a good attitude because change always brings some adjustment!

Announcement: I have a new change in my life. I moved my office. I have new surroundings, new space, new paint and beautiful scenery. There is much to appreciate about my new working space. And I’m certain more change is on the way! So stay tuned.

I have relocated to the intersection of Wadsworth and Hampden. I am in the southeast corner of the intersection, located inside the First Bank building. If you are going south on Wadsworth, you go under Hampden and the First Bank is on the east side of the street. Most people have computer mapping. However, feel free to call for directions. Once you get to the bank, there is an elevator on the right as you walk in the front doors. Take the elevator to the third floor. I am in suite 301, the first door on the right as you go down the hall. The address is:

3500 South Wadsworth Suite 301,

Lakewood, CO 80235.

I look forward to seeing you.

Just because change is good and freeing and allows a person a fresh start, it doesn’t mean there aren’t feelings involved in leaving what was. We knew what to expect and we all love a routine. We have to give some things up to allow for the new to arrive in our life.

And that is true with any change we make. No need to give ourselves a hard time. Some people make change and never think another thing about it while others have a more difficult time with change.

For me, right now, change is about my office. For many children right now, change is about going back to school. You may notice some children can’t wait to start the new school year while others mourn the loss of the summer and their free time. Because each person deals with change differently, having compassion for oneself as well as others, like our children, is the best route. It will always be beneficial to work with accepting change into our lives, as it is a constant, in one way or another.

The most constant change in life is our body. When young, a child doesn’t notice the change, but the adults in their lives do. As we get older, we begin to notice a wrinkle here and there and our hair changes color. Learning to accept the ageing process is important and allows us to enjoy our later years. Again, much of the challenge is between the ears!

Change is non-negotiable in life: it will happen. I challenge you to do a self-check. How do you handle change in your life? How does your family handle change? What can you do in your life, as well as your family’s life, to support the process of change for you and yours? I would love for you to leave a comment below indicating what strategies you have used to implement change in your family that allows more acceptance and an ease of change! Have a great month!

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Do you sometimes wish you could be your own doctor? In a sense, you are our own doctor when you make decisions about your health on a daily basis. Some examples are: what you choose to eat, how are choose to move your body, how much sleep you get and how you offer self-compassion? The answer can be determined by one question: how much do you love yourself?   Love yourself enough to do what you can for the health of your body!

Having been in practice for twenty-nine years, I know, it is much more important what you do everyday for/to your body than what we do on rare occasions. Some people choose to buy all kinds of gadgets to, in some way, help them with their health.   New technologies allow you to wear a bracelet that will track your exercise and sleep. Depending on what price you pay, you can have many more statistics tracked such as heart rate.   Some people have equipment in their homes such as a stationary bike or an inversion table. We could have a whole room in the house just for health!

I have found a wonderful product that would be a great addition to any home for the purpose of increasing your health.  Actually, I have fallen in love with the Biomat.. The synergy of amethyst crystals, far infrared heat and negative ions creates a healing energy. Many people think it looks and feels like a heating pad, until they use it. After using it, people realize it is much more than a heating pad. Some people can feel it right away while others have to get a dose of 45 minutes or so, and some people need days of repeated use. If you go to my website at you can navigate to Biomat. It will take you to an information site where, at the bottom, are numerous videos. I suggest watching one video, the one by Gail Soucy. She does a good job of explaining the Biomat, within the FDA guidelines.

Remember the far infrared rays penetrate six to eight inches into your body whereas a regular heating pad only heats the area on the surface. And the far infrared affects the whole body where a heating pad only affects the location the heating pad is touching. It is known that amethyst crystals are the best delivery system for the far infrared rays. Another reason I like the Biomat is that the controller grounds the EMF’s so you aren’t receiving those negative frequencies.

The Biomat is made in Korea and is used in the hospitals there. It is available worldwide. No matter where you live, you could enjoy the benefits of the Biomat. I have liked it so much that I have become a distributor. And I have a couple of loaner Biomats because I like the idea of giving people an opportunity to try it before buying.

The Biomat is inexpensive at $670 plus $40 for shipping. After the purchase, you can use it for thirty years. What else can do as much as the Biomat does for your health for that price and for that long? It is a real bargain!  Anything that can reduce swelling and inflammation in the body is a gift. And the other gift is you simply sit or lie on the mat while it relaxes and rejuvenates.   What else can you do that revitalizes while you are sitting? Much is written about how inflammation is the root cause of so many health problems and the Biomat will help your body with inflammation.

If you are in the Denver metro area, feel free to call my office and borrow one of my loaner Biomats. If you don’t live in the Denver metro area, know that all purchases can be returned within the first seven days. Most people will feel the benefit within that time frame and know that the benefits will keep accruing.

The FDA does not allow anyone to use the name of a disease in relationship to the Biomat, which makes it difficult to explain the results people have had. The Biomat is a gift to the world of suffering people. You make the choice for your health today!

Feel free to call my office with any questions. Please leave your comments if you have used the Biomat. Let’s us know what you think!


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Loving Yourself!

What is our major problem? I am not only talking about our problems with our body, but also the mind and spirit. I am even talking about the problems of our society and other societies as well. Maybe even the world! If you listen to people talk, you will often hear them say things like, “I am so mad at myself,” or another unkind remark.

I remember years ago I was talking to a patient about her three-year-old. She said she saw her daughter standing in front of the mirror with one leg outstretched and she said, “I love my legs.” We thought it was adorable.

I also remember a young woman in her later 20’s in my office. She was drop dead gorgeous, model material if she had the desire. And in talking about her complaints, she admitted she didn’t like her legs because she thought they were too fat.

It doesn’t do one bit of good to say, “oh but you are gorgeous.” It doesn’t matter that much what another person thinks about you, but it matters tremendously what you think about yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself even if you think a body part isn’t perfect or you did something you wished you hadn’t?

We have to ask, what happens to that young girl who grows up and becomes the young woman in her later 20’s that causes her to be self-loathing? We need to learn to see things objectively, but most of the time, I find, that people have blinders to their own beauty, and I am not just talking about physical beauty, but inner beauty as well.

When our inner beauty is not seen by those people who are most important to us (think parents and family) and reflected back to us so we can see it ourselves when we are children, then it becomes really hard for people to see and feel and know their own beauty.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes. As long as we are alive, we will make mistakes in life. It is all part of being human. The question is, “can you love yourself even when you make mistakes?”

Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a three-year- old in your life. They make mistakes, but that makes them even more precious. This is why so many people have said to me, “my grandmother saved my life.” Grandparents get to “re-do” parenting and, of course, having become older and wiser, our second try is far better than the first time. No matter how great of a parent you are, you will likely be a better grandparent. Experience is a great teacher. And age allows maturity.

Often, it is easy for the grandparent to love the child in a way that the child soaks it in. The grandparent isn’t overly critical. The grandparent is tickled with the antics of the child. Grandparents have more patience and time and don’t make a child feel they are wrong. I guess, when it comes down to it, a grandparent often makes the child feel loved in a special way. I call that way, “unconditional.”

Of course, I’ve had people tell me their grandparents were not fun or loving. So it is a generalization that I use to simply make a point. Often grandparents enjoy the child and allow the child to be a child. The child feels accepted and loved. Loved without doing anything to deserve it, but loved because they are alive and exist in their lives. Loved because they are beautiful, inside and out.

And now the question is: can you love and accept yourself as a work in progress? This month notice your inner dialogue and see if you catch yourself saying something unkind to yourself. This is the first step to change your pattern to loving yourself!! You have heard the saying, “charity starts at home.” Well, love starts at home too. You must love yourself before you can love someone else.

As my Granny often said, “we love them, warts and all!” And the same goes for self-love. Love yourself, warts and all.

If this has helped you see the beauty in yourself, please leave a comment that might help others see the beauty in themselves!

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Father’s Are Important Too!

June follows May and Father’s Day follows Mother’s Day. Father’s are so important. Unfortunately, in our society these days, there are so many people who grow up without a relationship with their dad. And, as I’ve been told many times, sometimes it is better they don’t have contact with the dad. That is true and the same can be said for a mother. But don’t be fooled: it leaves a hole in a child’s world.

It isn’t a hole that can’t be overcome. There are some fantastic dads and grandads out there who are willing and able to share their goodness and be a stand in dad for others whose dad’s are not in their lives.

Whether we have a dad or someone we look up to as a father figure, it is so nice to have these people in our lives. If the younger is willing and open to learning by watching these other dads, their lives will be enriched. That is how you learn to be a great dad yourself!

Most of us have some good memories of our dads or the person who most represented dad for us. I lived with my grandparents from 19 months old, and my grandpa is still a BIG guy in my mind. One advantage I experienced by being with older people is that spilled milk didn’t upset them. In other words, they knew what was important and what wasn’t. I’ve had people tell me if I had my kids now, I’d do this and that differently. Well, my grandparents had reared their own four children before my sister and I arrived on the scene, so they had experience. What in life doesn’t go better with experience?

Another difference being with older people is that they aren’t focused on their career or money like younger people. That is positive in that we had a somewhat stress free life, but the negative is that I didn’t have someone to model in terms of business and finding your work-life passion. Frankly, I was of the generation that my grandparents thought I would have a husband to take care of me. It just didn’t work out that way.

I do have fun memories of my Grandpa. In his older years he was built like Santa Clause and he had a true belly laugh. He wasn’t really jovial, but when he laughed, you couldn’t help but laugh with him. He was a strict grandpa and I didn’t always get my way. I remember once he had said no and I wasn’t happy. I said, “When I get big, I’m going to do what I want to.” He laughed. He laughed a big belly laugh. The moment is imprinted in my mind, because frankly, I didn’t know why he was laughing. But, of course, now I do.   Like he had planned and wanted to rear two small children in his 60’s and 70’s? Not that he would have done it differently, as he had the opportunity. However, Grandpa was the kind of man who did what life placed in front of him to do. He was laughing because he knew that life, as an adult, wasn’t just about doing what you want to do. At that point, I hadn’t learned that because to my eye, Grandpa did what he wanted to do.

My grandpa retired from farming when I was in the fourth grade and I thought, after that, his job was to chauffeur me around. My grandparents kept my cousins while their mom worked, so in the summer they had four kids. Grandpa would, about four times a week, take us to the swimming pool. He didn’t drop us off. He sat there and watched us.  It was hot!! I remember being so short (I know I am still short!) that I would have to stay at the shallow end. But I was quite the dare devil in the water and would creep to the edge, hold myself down where Grandpa couldn’t see me, and work myself down the edge of the pool where it was deeper. Before I could get very far, Grandpa would stand up, come to the edge of the pool, and while pointing to the shallow end say to me, “Get back down there. You would hate for me to have to come in and get you.” And back I went. He would let us stay in for two hours and at the end of two hours he would say, “let’s go,” and another day of swimming was over. We loved it!

I know you have good memories of your dad or someone who represented dad for you. Please leave a favorite memory in the comments section for all to enjoy!! Dad’s rock!

I will be teaching 2 muscle testing classes this month. Please call the office if you are interested.


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The Importance of Mother

Mother’s Day is approaching. It is time to take a few minutes to reflect on and appreciate just how important a mother is to a child, how important your mother is or was to you. We learn how to love by being loved. Note the feelings that arise when you see a mother gently attending a small child. That is a picture of love.

As much as I’d like to write a flowery story of how wonderful a mother’s love is, being a mother is fraught with many difficulties. The age old, “the child isn’t born with an instruction book,” is so true. And as we age, some people realize how young their mother was when they were born. How does a seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, year old know how to mother? More often than not, they are still trying to fill their own needs. Until they have the opportunity to live independently and get a real grasp of what it is like to be responsible, their maturity is lacking.

A baby is so cute, but as they grow, they become a lot of work. Often a child gets less than what they need to feel secure in the world. In my practice I hear story after story of difficult relationships with parents. Let’s face it: if we are honest, there are almost always issues between a child and a parent.

How could it be otherwise? You have spent an abundance of time with your mother and it is humanly impossible for a mother to be 100% attentive to each and every need the child has. It is the human condition. There are no perfect parents and as children we need good enough parents. Good enough parents to help us develop and become happy, well adjusted and responsible adults.

No matter how wonderful the parents, there are issues. They may be small issues. And others may have been abused or neglected or mistreated and they have large issues. And there are those whose mother’s were absent for whatever reason, and they will have another set of issues.

So my question is, as a child, where are you in the quagmire? Do you have unresolved issues with your parents whether they are dead or alive? And if you are a parent, are you aware of the issues you have or your children have with you?

It is wonderful to spend mother’s day celebrating the person, but what about giving yourself one hour on mother’s day to reflect on your feelings about your mother and, if appropriate, as a mother in relationship with your child. How better can we spend our time than understanding our life and the issues we have with our mother.

This isn’t about confronting your mother. This is personal work: work that you do with and for yourself. Sometimes people say, what difference does it make because my mom is dead. Are the issues dead? You are not doing it for your mother. The work is to be done for you. A great way to start this is to simply take an hour on Mother’s Day to journal your thoughts and feelings of your mother and perhaps your children. Feel free to mention the love as well as the difficulties. I hope there are many good memories. However, I know they aren’t all good. Life usually gives us fodder to work with and much of it comes from the mother/child relationship.

Some people ask, “why do that? I already know how I feel about my mother.” Yes, you do. And you might find that in the quietness of the moment, you will discover more. More thoughts, more feelings and more love. Most people keep themselves very busy these days and I often wonder if it is so they don’t really have to deal with their lives. They keep going because if they stopped, their issues just might come right to the surface.

As for a gift this Mother’s Day, consider a gift of health? Maybe you could give her a gift certificate for a massage or a basket of scented soaps and toiletries.

Feel free to leave a comment below about what this article brought up for you. There aren’t many larger emotional landmines, outside of trauma, than the relationship between mother and child. Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mother’s that I know in my family, circle of friends, and patients!! To all good mothers, I give a salute!

Please note that I will be teaching a muscle testing class in June. Call the office if you are interested in taking the class.

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I Love Willie, but…

I’m not sure how many are fans of Patsy Cline, but I love her voice and the songs she made so famous! Of course, my favorite song she made popular is Crazy. The song was actually written by Willie Nelson and he made it even more famous years later.  I love Willie! Maybe it is because I am from Texas!

Songwriters, for the most part, write about some angst, which brings up deep feelings.  Perhaps their song is a celebration song that brings out joy, which is also a deep emotion. Emotions are one of the reasons we love music.

Willie wrote, “Worry, why do I let myself worry. Wondering what in the world will I do?” It makes for a lovely song, but in real life worry can be a big problem and an albatross around our neck.

Often times women in my office say, “my mother is driving me crazy because she such a worrier. She worries about things that don’t matter.” My response is, “yes, and you will be just like her unless you start working on accepting things as they are right now.”

We may have a vision of our older self. My vision is to be healthy, have fun and accept things as they are. Of course, if I have the capacity to change things I don’t like, I will do so. Most of the things people worry about are things we simply cannot change. We don’t have the power to change them.  We have to accept them. We either half way accept it while kicking and screaming with a lot of drama, or we work with it in a way that is supportive and self-loving until we can accept things as they are. I’m not suggesting it is easy to do, but a decision we make. If there is nothing we can do about a situation, we can say a prayer and let it go. Allow it to be taken care of outside of our domain!

In childhood, I was fortunate enough to have a good role model in regards to worrying. My Grandpa was a cool, calm and collected sort of guy. From what I could tell as a child, he was not a worrier. But once in awhile, my Granny would say something to him that would indicate she was worrying about something. My Grandpa’s response was always, “You are borrowing trouble.”

If we want to just sit a moment and ponder all the things that we “could” worry about, the list would be exhaustive. But what would the point be? When we consider that most things we worry about never happen or never happen the way or in the time frame we worry about, worrying is such a waste of time.

Worry is a habit that we develop in the nervous system. If we give it our energy, we will encourage it. Just like any habit, it can take hold of us and then we become slave to the habit, whether it is excessive alcohol, smoking or worrying.  So yes, I classify it as an addiction.  Why? If you are a worrier, try stopping. It is not easy, but it can be done.  It takes considerable work to re-train our mind, just as it does to stop smoking or drinking.  I consider worry a killer just like smoking and excessive drinking.

Worry undermines a person’s health. When you worry, you are thinking of the person, event, or situation that you are worrying about. Your brain doesn’t really know the difference whether you are actually experiencing it or simply thinking about it. The body reacts the same. So our body is stressed out, often meaning we are in a fight or flight response. That response begins the cascade of adrenaline flow and over time, we are worn out.

It is similar to having a bad dream where you are running, perhaps for your life, and you have to keep running and you wake up exhausted. You were asleep, but you are exhausted from your sleep. That is how worrying wears out the body.

Although people seem awfully busy these days, some people worry because they aren’t busy enough. This tends to occur as we age. There are senior citizen activities, card games, puzzles, crafts, helping children learn to read, volunteering, and numerous other productive things to do with our time. Be selective and proactive! Let’s spend our time exercising our brain and body or having fun with friends and enjoying our lives while we let go of any tendency we have for worry! Nip bad habits in the bud. In the long run, this choice will support your health which is a sign of loving yourself, and there is nothing more important!