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2018 Here We Come!

Isn’t it nice to get a new start?  We think of the new year as bringing us new opportunity to “do it differently.”  And, of course, that brings in all of the “over the top” New Year resolutions.

Although the New Year feels like a major “do over,” you can have a do over at any time.  Really, you can.  Each month is an opportunity to do it differently than the previous month.  Of course, you can micro down and say each week is different.  What about each day is different?  You can continue down to each moment can be different.

The operative words are “can be” because the moments change, but do you?  Do you want to change?  Are you willing to change what you are doing?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  You are the deciding factor.  You can change if you want to.  You can stay the same if you had rather.  Either way life goes on and our attitude makes the difference.

See you in 2018.  Let’s remind each other to keep a positive attitude and be willing to change if it is in your best interest!  Here we come, 2018!!

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Your Immune System

You know how some days you just feel good.  You might describe it as, “I’m on the top of my game.”  Then other days, you just aren’t feeling your best.

Remember that all kinds of bugs like bacteria, virus, parasites and fungus are opportunistic organisms.  That means, they will take advantage of you any time they can.  That virus might be a dormant in your body, but you party like there’s no tomorrow, you stay up late at  night, you drink too much of everything, you go on a sugar binge and then you wake up one day wondering why you feel so bad.  Those bugs used their opportunity to get you while you are down.  And down you feel.

When you are sick, you don’t have to eat, but you must drink.  You need to rest.  You need to be in bed before 10 pm every night.  No sugar, no dairy, and no flour.  Rest your body.  Add lemon to your drinking water.  Take my detox bath.


Stay worm.  When you start feeling better, do not go 100 miles per hour.  Easy does it.  Let your body take its time because when you have a relapse, it is always worse than the first time.

Enjoy the holidays and don’t become a bug’s big opportunity!!

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Unconventional Claims

I laughed this week when I read Dr. Oz’s blog.  He said, “It’s always smart to have a wait-and-see attitude about unconventional health-bestowing claims. You’ll avoid losing money and your health.”

Who was saying that we should eat low fat diets?  Conventional medicine.  Who was saying that women should take premarin for menopause?  Conventional medicine.  And how many doctor’s photos did you see in advertisements in magazines in the 50’s and 60’s smoking their favorite brand?  And the President of the American Heart Association just had a heart attack following the diet they suggest.  If they give 100 people a statin, 1 person will be helped.  Thirty to forty people will be harmed.  This is the practice of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine has taken society down many a wrong road.  I would rephrase that sentence and say, “It is always smart to have a wait-and-see attitude about health-bestowing claims.”

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Amazing Video!

Once in a while, something comes my way that I feel I just have to share with you.  I hope you are as excited about it as I am.

I’ve written about the Voxx socks and insoles before.   And there is a new video that is mind blowing to me.  Maybe there is something that can do what these do, but I am not familiar with it.  This video says it all.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

After watching, if you want to forward to someone you know, have them click here if they are interested in ordering the product.  And, of course, they can always call me.

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Common Sense or Science?

Sometimes we have to use common sense in our approach to our health.  We know not to eat poison, right?  Or do we?

Some years ago, I would suggest avoiding mercury fillings in your mouth.  You see, mercury is a neurotoxin.  That means it will poison your nerves.  The dictionary says, “mercury poisoning can result from exposure to water-soluble forms of mercury (such as mercuric chloride or methylmercury), by inhalation of mercury vapor, or by ingesting any form of mercury.”  If you need to not ingest any form of mercury, wouldn’t it make sense not to put it in your mouth?

In case you are one of the people that didn’t really believe mercury would hurt you, here is a new study that says the dental amalgam significantly contributes to prolonged mercury levels in the body.  It only makes common sense, but it is always nice to see a study.

Now you might wonder about other mercury exposures.  For instance, the exposure you get with vaccinations, like the flu shot.  They do make them without mercury, or so I am told, but I think you have to order them special and most don’t.  When I think of a nerve, I think of the brain.  If mercury poisons nerves, what about the brain?  Have you noticed the rate of Alzheimer’s going up?  Let’s avoid mercury!




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Protecting the GIRLS!

Have you ever considered that the bra a woman selects could make a difference in her health?

The lymphatic system in the body keeps the fluids moving.  I have the mental picture of my Granny sweeping the floors with a broom.  That broom pushed along any crumbs that had been dropped or leaves we brought into the kitchen on our shoes.  I think of the lymphatic system as the broom, pushing the fluids along in the body.  Any kind of exercise and muscle contraction brings the fluids to the area to be swept.

If you wear a bra with an underwire, you can imagine that underwire is like a closed door.  It is snug and the lymphatic just can’t flow through.  The normal cleaning in the body, the broom, is idle.  It would be one thing if you wore an underwire bra for a few hours, but most women put their bra on in the morning and it doesn’t come off until the evening.  That is a long time for the fluids to be stuck in one area.

I have made this suggestion to women for many years, but the underwires have become so popular that it takes work to find bras without them.  One day about 10 years ago, I was watching television and there was a short segment with a medical doctor giving health tips.  He too was saying, you don’t want to wear an underwire bra, for exactly the same reasons.

If you think about it, we really want the fluids to flow in the body as it is the way to get rid of the trash.  When fluids are held within an area and a lining develops, we call it a cyst.  When toxicity is encompassed in an area, we call it a tumor.  Just saying….take care of the girls!

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Holiday Cheer!

Happy Holidays!  From now until the new year, it is all about being thankful and giving to others.

When I was a kid, Christmas was magical at our house.  Santa Clause was very giving to me.  I loved the magic.  Santa went to all little girls and boys around the world, as long as they were good.  Right?

I was so sheltered.  I had no idea of the real world and how so many children didn’t have a wonderful Christmas.  My family loves Christmas and I hope, the children in the family, still have that gleam of magic in their eye.

But it isn’t that way for everyone.  I have a friend who teaches at Warren Village.  She teaches the three year olds.  There are 6 boys and 6 girls.  I’ve heard how the children often don’t have appropriate clothes, some might be homeless, financially strapped, typically one parent and typically lots of issues.  What does that mean for the children?   Often their needs are not met.

For this holiday, our office has adopted this class.  We would like to get each child something they can use and something they would like.  I have a list of children and what they need.  If you would like to give something to support these children, it will make a difference in their life.  The gifts can be lightly used.  The gifts will be given to the teacher who will see that these children have a Christmas!

Here is a list of needed items.  We all have things we don’t use.  If you can add to their Christmas, that would be great.  You may have things that have been lightly used that these children would LOVE!

Here are items you can bring to the office to add to their Christmas.

art stuff,


Size 9 girl shoes,

4T girl clothes.

baseball and super heroes items

Size 9 boy shoes,

3T  boy clothes.

Barbie’s dolls

5T girl clothes.



Size 11 boy shoes,

4 T boy clothes.


Size 10 boy shoes,

new socks

boys winter coat, size 3


Size 8 girl shoes,

Peppa Pig,

Size 9 girl shoes,


Just bring anything you have that is age appropriate, whether it is on the list or not, to the office and we will make sure these children have a Christmas!


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Happy Feet!

If you have tried the socks I have in my office, I hope you love them like I do.  One of my patients who is a bicyclist says they fit her feet like no other sock.  She thinks her cycling is better too.  And some say their golf, racket ball and hiking are better with the socks.  Of course, I love hearing the success of patients with the socks because I LOVE them.

The reason I love them as I simply do not have the balance that I once had and they help my balance.   My patient and friend was in my office a few weeks ago and said that she liked the socks.  She wore them about two weeks continuously and thought, well, I like them but I can’t really tell they are helping me with my balance.  So, she quit wearing them.  Then she could really tell how much they had helped her balance and back into the socks she went.  She told me since she has been wearing the socks, which is going on six months, she hasn’t fallen once.   And this is from someone who I’ve treated for many falls.

I feel the same way because I can definitely tell they help with my balance.  If you have a person in your life that you are contemplating a Christmas gift for, consider the socks.  If you want them for a gift, I can order them for you if I don’t have them in stock or if you would prefer to order them yourself, order here.

If you have an athlete in your life or a person like myself who needs to have more balance to prevent falls, these socks or insoles are just the ticket!!  The icing on the cake is that is also helps with pain.  I’ve had it help with hip pain and low back pain an neuropathy.  In their study of 1000 people, 980 said the socks helped with their pain.  Happy Feet=Happy Life!

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Do You Have a Good Mattress?

A good mattress is so important for your body to get a good night’s rest.  As long as you are comfortable in your bed and you get a good night’s sleep every night, it is a good mattress for you.  When you wake up hurting, you have to wonder if it is your bed that is the cause.  If you are uncertain, go on a weekend vacation to a nice hotel and if you don’t wake up hurting, you have a clue.

A new mattress is a dreaded purchase.  We are afraid we won’t like it.  And then what do you do?  And there are so many to choose from and so many different toppings.  Do we top or not?

I used to love my waterbed.  After a number of years and a number of moves, I decided I didn’t want it anymore because of the EMF’s with the heater.  Of course, you can unplug it at night, but you better remember to plug it back in the next morning.

Another bed that is popular is the air bed.  What is your number?  I know people who love them.  I have slept on them and I had a good night’s sleep.  They are expensive and yet they will last much longer than a regular mattress.

Perhaps the phrase different strokes for different folks was made about choosing a mattress.  I love my mattress and it is a regular mattress without a topping.  Plain Jane!

I’ll tell you a secret.  A mattress consider a mattress only last  7 years.  They do break down over time.  And, each year, your mattress gains about 6-7 pounds.  How?  Your dead skin cells!


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It didn’t take me long in practice to notice certain patterns in people.  One pattern I noticed was associated with smoking marijuana. I would ask my patient if they smoked, and they would say yes.  I told them my findings and it was, of course, it was up to them what course of action they choose to take.

Today people bring me in different CBD oils and I always test them.  I borrow just a bit so I can keep it to test other patients.  I had not seen a CBD oil that I felt tested all that well until recently.  The reason I am interested in this one is because I have yet to find anyone test bad to the product.  Some people test as if they need the product and others just neutral, but I haven’t had anyone test as if it would cause stress.

Most people use the CBD oil for one of three reasons:  pain, anxiety and sleep.  If you have one of those issues and would like for me to test you on this product, remind me to do so on your next appointment.

Although many people still don’t like marijuana, you must remember it is an herb.  Just like anything else, it can be used correctly or incorrectly.  And the truth is, I really do not like seeing people in pain.  In my opinion, it can be a better choice for your body than prescription drugs.