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Can You Change Your Body?

Someone was in my office recently and asked me to look at their child’s feet.  They turn in.  Often it is called pigeon-toed.  What could she do about that?  It is obvious the child has a muscle imbalance and the muscles that turn her feet in are stronger than the ones that turn her feet out.  Some people say, “it runs in the family.”  That doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.  The fact of the matter is, something can be done about it. She may have perfect alignment with the right therapy as a child.   As an adult, I know she could see improvement, but her improvement might not be as complete as when she is a child and still growing and developing.

Don’t just accept that is the way it is.  That may be the way it is right now, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  It can change, especially if the change is done as a child.  Even bone remodels.  If you get the muscles that are too tight to relax and get the muscles that aren’t doing their job, to contract, her feet may turn out perfect.

Let’s change for the better what we.  It will make a difference in that child’s life!

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Bone Broth

For years now, bone broth has been a hot topic in the holistic arena.  You may have read about using bone broth for many problems.  It didn’t take long until there were products for sale because, you know, making bone broth isn’t a 5-minute procedure. People have brought bone broths into my office for me to test and I’ve gone to the health food store to test bone broths and frankly, I rarely found one that tested well.  I’ve come to the conclusion bone broth is like many other things:  it is better if you make it yourself.

It is pretty simple if you have a crock pot.  I suggest for those who need to consume bone broth, if you can drink ½ cup a day, you will be doing well.  My number one requirement for bone broth is that the bones be from organic sources as much as possible.  I suggest rotating the bones.  One week make bone broth with the bones of chicken.  The next week, with the bones of beef and the next week, lamb.  You get the picture.

Gather the bones and put in a crock pot and cover with water.  If you have large bones, you might cut them.  Don’t forget to add the juice of a lemon.  You can add celery, carrots, and other vegetables for flavor if you desire.  When the broth is cooked, strain everything out.  Fill pint jars with the broth and let it cool before refrigerating and/or freezing.  You will prefer the taste of your homemade broth!

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You have heard the quote, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”  I’m not sure where it came from, but it seems to be true.  I have written enough on this blog about cholesterol, but when I find something too good to pass up, I have to pass it on to you!

On Dr. Mercola’s blog, there are a few bullet points you don’t want to miss.  We were told that saturated fat is bad for us.  People ate low fat diets and heart disease rates soared!  And yet there are still people who think saturated fat is bad for you.  Studies have proven that higher cholesterol levels are associated with longer life and better health.  It may sound unbelievable to you and that is why I gave you the link.  Everyone needs to learn that saturated fats are good for you.

Vegetable oils are not good for you.  Got inflammation?

If you know someone who uses vegetable oil, print off the article and give it to your friend.  Save a life!  I always wonder when I am at the health food store, why do they use sunflower oil or canola oil for most chips?  They call that health food?  There are a few that are beginning to use coconut oil.  It is about time!



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Knowledge is Power!

There are so many really good docuseries these days.  You can learn so much.  I told you about “The Truth About Cancer,” and “Vaccines Revealed.”  And hopefully you got to watch them if you were interested.  There are so many of these today that I am not able to watch all of them.  And I don’t necessarily suggest you watch all of them either.  But if you have a condition that they are referencing, it might be in your best interest to see what you can learn.

The way they work is If you click the link, you can sign up and a video will be sent to you each day for the length of the docuseries, usually about 9 days.  Most of the time, they are only available to be seen for 24 hours, so try to watch it the day you receive it.


I have a few to suggest today:


  • This docuseries is about autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, or a thyroid disease such as Hashimoto’s. This is about healing them naturally.  This series begins February 27th.  It is called Autoimmune Secrets.
  • Another docu-series is about diabetes and obesity as they tend to go together, although not always. It is called Rising from the depths of Diabetes and Obesity.  Here you can see a “sneak peak” and register if you desire.
  • This one is about autoimmune disease like lupus and how cannabis helps the problems. It starts March 1st.

Clicking on these links will not automatically sign you up, so click on them and see what they say about the series as they have more information than I have given.  I have not seen these and know that I won’t be able to see all of them, but if you are, remember, knowledge is power!!

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Let There Be Light

Would you be interested in a product that destroys 99.9% of harmful and deadly bacteria, viruses and mold such as e-coli, MRSA, staph, the plague, anthrax, strep and many more?  And what if it also got rid of odors and harmful pollutants?  And how great it would be if it made you happy and helped with your allergies?

So, what is this product and how much does it costs?  Right?

The product is a light bulb that uses NASA technology making the light bulb a mini-air purifier.  Put a bulb in the bathroom, kitchen and any area that has a musty smell or any smell at all.  This light bulb uses less electricity than normal and has a guarantee of 10 years.  And, they are about $16 a piece which is a lot less expensive than the air purifiers I have at my house.

There are over 140 scientific studies on the effects of this technology. Read all about it at

Maybe this is part of the holistic answer to making our environment healthy and safe!

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Unconventional Claims

I laughed this week when I read Dr. Oz’s blog.  He said, “It’s always smart to have a wait-and-see attitude about unconventional health-bestowing claims. You’ll avoid losing money and your health.”

Who was saying that we should eat low fat diets?  Conventional medicine.  Who was saying that women should take premarin for menopause?  Conventional medicine.  And how many doctor’s photos did you see in advertisements in magazines in the 50’s and 60’s smoking their favorite brand?  And the President of the American Heart Association just had a heart attack following the diet they suggest.  If they give 100 people a statin, 1 person will be helped.  Thirty to forty people will be harmed.  This is the practice of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine has taken society down many a wrong road.  I would rephrase that sentence and say, “It is always smart to have a wait-and-see attitude about health-bestowing claims.”

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Amazing Video!

Once in a while, something comes my way that I feel I just have to share with you.  I hope you are as excited about it as I am.

I’ve written about the Voxx socks and insoles before.   And there is a new video that is mind blowing to me.  Maybe there is something that can do what these do, but I am not familiar with it.  This video says it all.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

After watching, if you want to forward to someone you know, have them click here if they are interested in ordering the product.  And, of course, they can always call me.

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Happy Feet!

If you have tried the socks I have in my office, I hope you love them like I do.  One of my patients who is a bicyclist says they fit her feet like no other sock.  She thinks her cycling is better too.  And some say their golf, racket ball and hiking are better with the socks.  Of course, I love hearing the success of patients with the socks because I LOVE them.

The reason I love them as I simply do not have the balance that I once had and they help my balance.   My patient and friend was in my office a few weeks ago and said that she liked the socks.  She wore them about two weeks continuously and thought, well, I like them but I can’t really tell they are helping me with my balance.  So, she quit wearing them.  Then she could really tell how much they had helped her balance and back into the socks she went.  She told me since she has been wearing the socks, which is going on six months, she hasn’t fallen once.   And this is from someone who I’ve treated for many falls.

I feel the same way because I can definitely tell they help with my balance.  If you have a person in your life that you are contemplating a Christmas gift for, consider the socks.  If you want them for a gift, I can order them for you if I don’t have them in stock or if you would prefer to order them yourself, order here.

If you have an athlete in your life or a person like myself who needs to have more balance to prevent falls, these socks or insoles are just the ticket!!  The icing on the cake is that is also helps with pain.  I’ve had it help with hip pain and low back pain an neuropathy.  In their study of 1000 people, 980 said the socks helped with their pain.  Happy Feet=Happy Life!

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Colds and Flu

Colds and flu begin as soon as school starts.  Normally it takes about 3 weeks to get used to the new schedule school requires.  Plenty of sleep will always help you, as well as your children, fight off the dreaded virus and bacteria.  Stay hydrated.  And don’t forget to eat real food.  90% of the food sold in the USA is processed food.  That means it has been altered and will not give you rich nutrients to support your body while it is under attack.  Homemade chicken soup is soothing and helps you with electrolytes.  And fruit gives you the antioxidants you need to support your recovery.

If you need more support, be sure to look on my website under Resource and scroll down to GEMS.  I have a video giving you the recipe for a detox bath, a castor oil pack and using an onion to relieve the congestion in your ears.  Use them as needed to get through this “rough patch” that we go through each year.

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There are so many things you can do for yourself at home.  Today I am going to remind you of a few.

Doing these will take only a few minutes and will reap benefits.

  • As you are standing, squeeze your butt cheeks together ten times. If you have a chronic low back, do it about every hour.  Great opportunities are while standing in line to pay for groceries, filling the car with gas and washing dishes.  But don’t forget, you can do it while sitting too.
  • Find your rolling pin in the kitchen. Use it on your body, rolling the muscles.  Generally, you massage toward the heart, no matter where you are on the body.  I find so many people have tight legs.  Start at your Achilles and go up toward your hip.  If your hips are tight, you can roll them too.
  • I read a study once that said the number one habit over years and years that led to good health was deep breathing. Let the breathing begin.  When you breathe in, your stomach should go out.  When you breathe out, your stomach should go in.  Your shoulders stay still.  All the action is in the abdomen.  Stop once a day and just practice breathing!
  • Be Happy! There is nothing more healing than happiness.  You may think you can’t create it, but you can.  For proof, just be around a small child, a sweet animal or put on some music that makes you want to dance!  Practice smiling!

Often, we forget to do small things to help us feel better because our focus is out there in the world instead of inside our body.  Be serious about doing these.   Print this page off or write these down on a notecard and put them on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator as a reminder.  Don’t wait for pain to be your reminder!

And, if you wish you had seen the Vaccines Revealed, and didn’t get a chance, there is another free showing for a limited time.  Go here.